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I was given one of your caramels in the drive thru at the bank today 10/18/16, and I fell in love. So delicious.

Thank you.

Megan Deslongchamps

Hibbing, MN


Dear Catalina “Chiqui”,

This is Betty from Red Wing, MN. I met you last Saturday evening at the Kwik Trip in Red Wing. We had a joyful conversation. When I left the store you were waiting for me and handed me caramels and chocolate, pecan treats to share with my husband.  As all the other testimonials state, I, too, have never, ever had any type of chocolate or caramels that tasted better than yours.  Each bite was pure heaven. Your sweet personality and generosity in sharing these treats with us was beyond kind. You are a very special and talented lady!  Your husband seemed “cool” also!

Gary and I grew up in the Pengilly area. It is so neat that you and your business are putting little Pengilly, MN on the map!

We may stop in sometime when we are up North again.

Once again, thank you for your kindness. It made our day!

Betty and Gary Red Wing,



We received a box of your wonderful Caramel Bites as a gift. They are truly the best we have ever had! What a wonderful gift to share with people! You are the best! We wish you continued success! We will be buying these for gifts & ourselves! Thank you so much!

Peggy & Larry Kukkonen

Keewatin, MN



Somehow your candies ended up in the office.  Not sure if you or Bart gave them to Erik?  I had been avoiding them because I have been packing on the pounds the last semester of school from just eating whatever I want whenever.

I am not a huge chocolate truffley, assortment box person I managed to stay away from those for a week.  Then the cinnamon things arrived and too I avoided those because while I LOVE chewy things, I am not a huge cinnamon fan.

So days went by and I just “needed” a treat.  Started with the cinnamon’s.  Um, yum.  They are genius.  Those were gone in an afternoon.  I am not proud of this.


So today, a week later I am desperately hunting for something sweet and all I find are your chocolates.  So I ripped them open and UM, YUM.

I noticed you had a website and I was thrilled to see that you only made chocolates with toffee and caramel!  Avoiding all other chocolates in the box is exactly why I do not like mixed boxes!  Biting into a creme-y fruit chocolate makes me ill.

Just wanted to let you know how much the treat was appreciated and what a great surprise it was that you catered to us caramel and toffee people!

Best of Luck,


Niecie Strand

Honkanen Richards, S.C.


I am not much of a chocolate lover, but Chiqui’s Chocolates are by far the best I have ever tried!!!! I could eat several boxes if left before me! I am a number one fan! BTW, my husband loves them too, he hides them away from me so that there’s some left when he comes home! I’m very happy to know they’ll now be available 24/7!

Laura Pizano
Ciudad del Carmen. México


Your chocolate’s are so special that I think they would make perfect Christmas presents for everybody, and especially those that are hard to buy for.  My favorites are the crunchy ones, but everyone in the family has different favorites, so I guess the mixed assortment is a good idea.  I keep thinking I am going to make them last, but I always end up finishing them way to soon.  I just want you to know they are the best!!!!!!!

Anna B. Smith
Austin, Texas


What a treat! Your chocolates are simply fabulous.The combination and quality of the ingredients make them one of the best chocolates I ever had. I no longer feel the need to buy expensive Swiss chocolates. Good luck with your business.

Walter Orellana
San Salvador, El Salvador


Chiqui’s Chocolates are truly an artisanal creation, and it’s amazing to watch how fast they disappear once the box is opened. I have given these as gifts to friends, family and business associates, and everyone remarks about the high-quality ingredients and the beautiful packaging and presentation. Most of all, we all marvel at how Chiqui’s Chocolates manages to maintain that homemade “just out of the kitchen” quality that makes them melt in your mouth. Treat everybody on your list, and don’t forget yourself!

Damon Tomas
Houston, Texas


I have only had “terrific experiences”with Chiqui’s Chocolates. At a home party this past Christmas, they were the only treats that were gone in seconds before I even had a chance to try them myself, and the guests could not wait to get their hands on more. The toffies were another wonderful story altogether. A surprised look, a moment to delightfully savor, and the sad realization that it was also all gone in seconds!

Clara Fernández
Elizabeth, New Jersey


About your chocolates and you can quote me on this, is that “you can’t only have one”. I think that could be a good slogan as in my case it is very true. I think the last time I had half of a whole box in one sitting.

Liana Leongómez
Miami, Florida


I have experienced Chiquis Chocolates for the past couple of years. From that exposure I would have to say that her chocolates give me great pleasure. From the caramels and nuts to the quality of the chocolate taste and texture. I prefer Chiquis Chocolates over other well known brands of Chocolate. The quality is in the taste.

Elizabeth Tintor
Hibbing , Minnesota


Catalina Berg has been kind enough to send us her chocolates for about 4 or 5 years now. Her rich, smooth caramel combined with dark chocolate and earthy nuts gave us harmonious flavors and visions of the tropics on cold winter nights.

Betsy Archer
Harrington, Delaware


From my experience …
When you put one of these heavenly chocolates inside your mouth and take your first bite, your eyes automatically close, your bodily processes suddenly begin to function in slow motion, your mouth begins to salivate all over, and your brain shuts down! This is what I can only describe as a complete state of bliss. The chewy caramel spreads all over your mouth, as the rich chocolate melts in your tongue. This chocolate, that can only be described as PERFECTION, has the magical ability of making all sorrows, worries, and frustrations dissappear miraculously.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to handle heavy machinery while eating Chiqui´s Chocolates.

WARNING: Never leave box unattended. Store in a secret place. Consumption might create addiction… sharing might create conflict.

Fan # 1,
Sandra Chams! =)
San Salvador, El Salvador


Chiquis Chocolates are so lucious and smooth — truly velvety smooth. I have a hard time deciding between the delicious homemade caramel or the chocolates. Maybe the best choice is both. More Please! Oh, I forgot the brownies, tiny brownies that melt in your mouth. Yes, More Please!

Joanne Tangedahl
Houston, Texas


Your signature caramel is spectacular. My favorites are those with the pecans/almonds in them.

Annetta Kokkinen
Pengilly, Minnesota